Writing circle.

So the circle expands today. I meet with Andrew at Red Stone Lounge and we talk about the possibility of adding to the writing circle which presently is only Alan and me.  He and a friend of his, Steve, will come to the next meeting in a couple of weeks.  We are hoping that Alan will consider Skyping in for the meeting.

We spend the first 90 minutes talking and getting to know each other.  He moves me to tears with the work that he is doing in social justice.  Watch for a film call E is for Everyone.  Andrew and his team travelled the world and asked people seven questions, documented their answers, produced a compelling film about their findings.  Currently they are shopping it around looking the opportunity to show the film and have it produced.  If this film captures half of what is in Andrew's heart, it will be amazing to see. 

I had my interview with the city and worked with the steering committee for the Culture Master Plan Update.  I believe that I answered all of their questions well and I hope they have confidence in me, Donna, and Alan.  I so much want to do this work and I know that we can produce a plan for them that will really take the city to the level.  This plan is one of the most important things that the city will undertake in the next short while.  Nonetheless, if I don't get this opporutunity there is a lot of work coming my way in other parts of Canada, and in internationally. I think I really want to do some work with Community Foundations of Canada and maybe the Tamarack Institute.  I can feel it. 

It is really wonderful.  It feels as if I am spreading my wings ever so slightly and tentatively, the wind conditons are right, my practise runs have been great, and I have incredible support.  I'm ready to take to the sky.

Meanwhile, as I imbark fully on this new career, I am being careful to make sure that I have the right support at the store and on the other projects.  I am looking and budgeted for someone to help me at the store and with Swerve Living.  I need someone with excellent marketing and communications skills, a strong interesting in group facilitation, and community development.  I need someone that gets me, and can help me achieve my goals and at the same time find it rewarding to be part of the projects that I am involved in.  A business comrade as much as an assistant and someone to help me not look foolish.  So they need to be linear and fluid, creative and structured, and like working with an ever expanding set of community opporutunites. Maybe an angel will descend from the sky.  With the way things are going right now, I won't rule out that possibility.

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