This is the best eggnog ever. I guarantee that if you try it once you’ll love it. The last time we made this it was a big hit among the Londoners we were socializing with. It’s yummy so drink with caution or reckless abandon.

Put in a large punch bowl these two ingredients and beat them together until there are thick.

12 egg yolks
1 cup granulated sugar

add the following liquor and cream ( ½ & ½) while mixing at the same time

13 oz Brandy
13 oz Dark Rum
13 oz Amaretto
2 cups of cream

blend well and chill 1 hour or overnight if you can.

In one bowl beat:
12 egg whites until stiff.  Make sure they aren’t slimy when you are done.

In a separate bowl whip:
3 cups whipping cream until stiff

It’s time to combine everything.  Fold the whipped egg whites into the whipped cream and then gently top the chilled mixture you assembled a chilled.  It’s like putting a beautiful cloud on a lake of gold.  Sprinkle the top with fresh ground nutmeg and garnish with sprig of holly.  You might want to have some mistletoe on hand for later.

Be sure to organize the taxi company for later pick ups.

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