I haven't been writing in my public blog very much this past couple of weeks and yet there is a lot that is going on.  I have been writing in my personal journal quite a bit, and I find it very rewarding.

I got the proposal into the city on the 30th, and today I received a phone call that our team has an interview, so at least we've made the shortlist.  This excites me very much.  I shared it with the team today who also worked hard on this proposal and everyone is happy about the news.  It is going to be great.

Meanwhile over this past week I have been doing a lot of work on getting Swerve, into the ground.  That project is progressing, but there are a huge number of things that need to be done.  The team is strong and we have a great working relationship.  I decided go out with Synergy as the Construction Manager.  They were extremely effiecent in getting numbers back to us and are very keen about the project.  They understand our lender and are eager to help the project.  They also have a firm commitment to the environment and seem to understand vibrant communities.  Not only that but Steve, the VP, worn a great shirt to our meeting.  Design is important!  And hey he's Italian, so concrete and building is genetic for him. 

I interviewed a person for a new position that we are creating with the shop, swerve, and my consultancy.  She is great and I hope that she will be interested in working with us.  Nonetheless, we will forge ahead.  It will be interesting to see how the next few months unfold (to quote my dear friend Alan).

It is still waterworld in our basement, but I think we are finally airing things out and pumping the water into the laneway.  The wild snow we had didn't help the situation at all last week.

I'm riding my bike to work these days and that feels good.  Work outs are going well.  Everything is going well really.  Life is grand.  Who could ask for anything better?

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