Day 1 – On my way…

Today is pretty much a day of travel.  I sit here in the airport in Calgary, the rain continues to fall.  I worry about the buildings leaking and think about how glad I will be to have the roof repair done this summer.  My flight is in 20 minutes, and I go through my favourite city on the west coast, Seattle.  I don't even have time to stop for a coffee before I catch my next flight into San Francisco.

I am on my way to take a course with David Cooperider on Appreciative Inquiry.  I sit here and think how my life is changing and how happy I am right now.  A couple of months ago, my best friend said to me that I should learn more about Appreciate Inquiry, because so much of what I do now with my community work seems to fit with this way of thinking about the world. I immediately got a book from a friend and began to read, and sure enough the ideas and principles in the theory are so in line with my way of thinking about the world.  I have been learning new things about AI and how to better use the principles and am finding that my world is changing, doors are opening, business is excelling, relationships are improving, and life seems so much more full.

Another friend in Red Deer sent my a note about this course in Carmel and so I signed up and am so excited to learn from the very people that developed these theories.  This course is at the Taos Institute in Carmel and so that in and of itself will be interesting.  I am going to try to write my thoughts and experiences as I go through this course.

The great thing is that since started to shift my career to more of a consulting and community development focus, I was able to put a team together to apply for the Culture Master Plan Update in Red Deer.  We were awarded this contract and the work has begun.  I intend to do a lot of thinking about the process that we might use as I go through this course over the next 4 days.  I believe that really positive things will come from it that will enable us to guide the CMP Update inquiry and make some incredible changes in our community.  So we shall see.

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