Autumn, day 65. Not waiting for outside input.

Waiting for input.  Beep. Waiting for input.  Beep. Hey, wait a minute what am I doing?

It’s Monday morning and I’m up too early again.  I woke after a disturbing dream. At this moment, I’m sitting in my sunroom, enjoying quiet music, and moonlight. The coffee machine just fired up. There’s a loaf of fresh bread on the counter.

I thought I didn’t have anything to say this morning, then I realised that perhaps when I’m up waiting for the day to begin that I’m unintentionally waiting for the outside world to direct – giving up what little control I have. Why does it seem easier to wait rather than set the direction for myself? Maybe I’m just too blurry-eyed and foggy yet, or still pooped from last week.

I wonder how often we let ourselves be swept away into the world’s demands instead of using the time, when we find it, to be in relationship with ourselves. We might consider what our unfolding could be rather than waiting for the world to rush in – even if it is to make a simple list of the week ahead, review what is already planned… or to gaze into a crystal ball and guess at what else might be possible.

I’ve got some rather important, life-changing meetings this week. No turning back. In between all of that I need to take some solid steps toward completing a number of business tasks, and deal with the some of the chaos that came our way this weekend. We had a flood in the basement at Sunworks, and we had a surprise vacancy in one of the apartments. Both those issues are going to take time to sort out this week. Out comes my fuzzy mallet, but with controlled strikes.

Exciting things on the agenda this week. Here to Mars will be setting up their new restaurant in the former Coconut Room space. They open December 1st. A new show opens in the Harris-Warke Gallery. I’ve had a preview, and it’s really fun. And, I finish up the design work on some marble coasters with quotes from some of our top-selling greeting cards.

I’d say I’m about two thirds of the way to being caught up with my book work. I have a month to go before winter holidays. It’s going to be nip and tuck. I sure don’t want to take anything with me this year. I think I can. I think I can. Right?

Onwards to coffee!

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