Autumn, day 69. Chanting for change.

Last night, at the invitation of one of our friends, we attended Chant for Change. It was a good experience to be with others inviting peace, harmony, and the removal of obstacles through the chanting of mantras.

I appreciated the time to be quiet and think about what obstacles are in our path to a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Certainly right now I’m on this path myself and working through the things that need to be cleared. This week has been almost what I expected, just slow and steady work, nothing new arising yet.

As I reflect on the work of this season, not only has it been about communication, but also the beginnings of completion, as virtually every arrangement shifts, both business and personal. I’m curious about those relationships that are growing stronger and also those that are choosing to slip away. I am getting the occasional glimpse of myself in the future and it feels lovely.

My invitation to you today is to think about what obstacles there may be in your life that get in your way as you reach for happiness and peace. And… are you one of them? How might we become experts at getting out of our own way? Which also raises the question how might we become experts at getting out of the way of others as they reach for their goals? What relational changes might you want to make?

I tossed and turned in my sleep last night, had weird dreams about family members and friends imposing their wishes on me. The best I can do is to be conscious not to do the same to others. So then for me, there is that fine line in mentorship, when those who’ve asked for your help may feel like you are directing them, when your intent is not to, but to offer solid advice and wisdom from experience.  Not to ‘do to’, ‘do for’, but rather to ‘do with’.

Peace to you all.

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