Autumn, day 62. On the horizon with 29 days to go.

It’s Friday morning and we are about to go into a busy weekend.  So much change this past week that it’s hard to even remember a week ago, never mind where I started this journey 62 days ago. I’m grateful that the future vision is clearer with each passing day, but it is shifting as details emerge from the work we are doing. Some for the better and some for the worse. The outlook, mostly sunny with cloudy periods. That strange weather is on the horizon with brief but severe thunderstorms in the midst of sun.

My anxiety has lessened to be sure, but it comes in waves as I continue to deal with the serious issues facing our businesses. Today is a bit rough but not debilitating, probably because I’ve been able to make such good progress on in so many related areas – with really great support from a few colleagues. I’m catching up but still have a long way to go before end of the season. My determination is strong today. I started last week slightly ahead of my plan but with some unexpected challenges I lost ground dealing with the fall out which dramatically increased my workload. Now I’m a wee bit behind schedule at the end of this week.

I wish I had more time to write this morning. I’ve been thinking a lot about silence and it’s role in shifting one’s identity and life. This morning I’m pondering the various types of silence, intentional, unintentional, and what gives rise to them. If unintentional, what are its origins? Fear, protection, instinct? If intentional, what’s the aspiration? There are so many reasons why we might want silence to be part of our toolbox for change. And so many ways it could be used to create distrust and damage. I wrote the following  yesterday on Facebook and will likely come back to it and say more in the future.  

“In a time when you’re aiming to be more in tune with your higher self you must remember that your ability to become shifts with the relationships you hold closest. If you see purpose and goodness in strengthening some take those steps quietly and thoughtfully. If you recognize relationships (not only with people but with places, things, actions, and ideas) that are unhealthy for your preferred future it’s best to let them be silent. Silence leads slowly to atrophy.

Use your energy and awareness to activate the relationships that make your heart and soul sing. Find harmony with what is good for you and those around you. Remember, force doesn’t work. It’s an attempt to reinforce the illusion of control, where none exists. Invitation may work, but reciprocity is needed for harmony. If your invitation is met with silence, let it be for awhile. Reciprocity isn’t always immediate. Give it time and invite again if later it still feels full of purpose and goodness.  

Know that every conversation, no matter the form of dialogue, will change your future and yourself. So, choose ways to be in conversation that lift and inspire others and you’ll move in the right direction. Instead of standing in front of a mirror saying “you’re awesome, you can do this” activate a few relationships in your circle by telling them that they are awesome and you believe in them. You can do this without words. Be genuine to yourself and others.

One final thought. The earth and the natural environment always invite us to be in a positive relationship. If nothing else today, get outside, feel the weather and breathe the air. It’s good for you and everything in your circles.”

Paul Harris, Facebook November 22, 2018

I’ve also been thinking about about the elasticity of relationship … that’s a whole other topic. Ponder what helps relationships to endure, how much give is there in them? Is it helpful to think of relationships as having an elastic quality? Is there a better way to describe their durability and resilience? Is elasticity only one attribute of many?

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