Universe unfolding.

Why do I blog tonight?  It was a brilliant day all round.  I suppose that I just want to share some of the goodness with you, or perhaps just had too much coffee in the morning.  Thanksgiving has just past and although I’m not terribly religious I am thankful for the wonderful life that I have.  Filled with lovely people and interesting projects.

The store is doing really well, all of the hard work is starting to pay off.  We’ve finished a large part of the renovations and are doing the rest in well quoted, well timed chucks.  I’m just no longer capable of uncertainty around any of the projects.  A colleague of mine has taken up the ball and is running with it.  He’s organized the railings, windows, stairs, firedoors, and a few other bits that yet need to be done.  It won’t be long and we’ll be thinking about the listening music bar on the second floor — which we’ve be trying to get big shiny Brian to come back to town for, but which is probably a hopeless thing.  And then it is onto designing and renovating for the coffee bar on the second floor.  The team is going away for a day, and I’m looking forward to it in a big way.  We are going to have time to spend with one another to be in nature.  We are thinking about going down to near Rosebud, Alberta.  Everyone it seems if looking forward to it.

Swerve Living is finally coming along.  We’ve been working with architects that believe in the project and also understand what a budget it.  That is a long story, too long to tell, but the ground breaking is a few months away now and we’ll be building in the spring.

Love and friendships are absolutely wonderful.  Terry and I are going to England for Christmas to spend time with Alan and Tim.  A few days in London and then some time in the country before we return to work in January here.  There is no doubt that we’ll be spending more time with these lovely friends.

Body building is going really well.  I’ve gain about 10 pounds and have slimmed down at the same time.  I’m having such at hard time with sticking to the diet, but what is amazing is that when I manage to eat all of the food (the right food) I seem to lose fat, and become more muscular.  It’s amazing how the body works.  I’m going to make a valiant effort to stick to the plan for the Christmas season.

Life seems to be going well, but I am also very clear that it is what you make it.  It’s tricky to remain grounded in reality, be fluid in your thinking and in your willingness to adapt to changing circumstances in your life, positive with people that throw all kinds of baggage your way, and trust the universe to unfold as it should.  Sky’s the possibility.  I suppose I’m having a good day in being healthy and dealing with the issues and opportunities that have recently appeared.  Horizons look great and I know that I’m daily becoming a better person.

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