Restart and new chapter.

I’ve just returned from Montreal where I spent 10 days with my best friend, Alan.  During that time I was able to think about my life, the directions it is taking, the important things to me, and smaller things like the meaning of life and the universe.

As I come back to Red Deer and am very much ready to change directions, finish up some of the projects that I have been working on and seriously consider the new directions that will take.  Unfortunately, I managed to get food poisoning the day after I returned and it has taken the bounce out of my step the past couple of days.  I’m 40% now and by tomorrow I’ll be coming around to half capacity or more

One of the things that I’ve really missed is writing in this public blog, and so I’m ready to begin that again.  I’ve been studying carefully social networking tools and considering how they relate to career and life and I hope to offer interesting insights and observations about life and the way we all are with one another in this time.

I’m especially excited about my current writing project and the shape that it may take.  I’m hopeful that some of this material will appear here.

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