Mai Tais await.

I’m happily tired and relaxed after this interesting and productive week.  It concludes with the approval of a video for Sunworks that we have been working on for a few months.   As we continue to improve the store, it feels good  that we have something that we can share electronically with people that helps to showcase us.  I hope you enjoy it.   Feel free to send it around — Valentine’s Day is coming after all.  There is a spot beside the video to do that very thing.  Terry did the voice over for this video and I think that he’s done a really good job at it.  He’s says that he wouldn’t give up his day job but he definitely got that sexy radio voice going on.  This week has in so many ways been about enhancing the store and doing better at what we do well. Painting and merchandising, reflecting on our successes and our future, ordering, and creating new opportunities.  Tonight there is an art opening in the gallery.  As I think about it, there were so many enhancements to my life this week, not the least of which started last weekend when I completed building my new office furniture.  It feels as if I’m making good use of that handle that I found on life last year.

Tonight as I leave my office, I can hardly believe how productive, effective, and happy in my work and play I’ve been this week.  A solid week back to the gym after a 10 day break.  I worked out hard.  My desk is completely clear and there is a short list of things that will usher in the new week.  This week’s work is over and it is time for play.  Well there is the wee task of writing and sending a newsletter to all of our customers.  I’m going to put that on the fun side of the list for tomorrow.

It’s Friday evening; Terry and I are going to enjoy having a quiet evening with two of our best friends at our home.  It feels great to think about relaxing and to know that nothing truly pressing is nipping at my heels to be completed before the Monday.  Maybe I’ll finish my Christmas letter and manage to get that out for the friends and family that write annually in the old 20th century method.  Maybe I’ll start on the series of paintings that I would like to show in the gallery next year.   For now, off I go.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be in a bloggier mood.

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