Day 2 — The course begins.

I arrived at the hotel by 10 p.m. last night thoroughly exhausted but very very happy to be here.  I got to SF around 11 a.m. and spent the afternoon south of market, bar hopping and just enjoying the big city.  I did a little shopping for Terry's birthday which is coming right up and drank beer.  I bought myself a new leather vest which I think looks rather fetching on me.  Maybe the friends of Dorothy will have leather levi night on the cruise next week.  Yeah, right, like that will happen.  It was great to sit in the sunshine at the Lone Star and then the Eagle for the beer bust.  I fear that I got too much sun, actually yesterday I got just the right amount of sunshine, but today in Carmel, on section of the course was outside and I fried the top of my newly shaven head.  Thankfully it recovers quickly and by tomorrow, it may quit throbbing.  Opps.

Meanwhile, the course started at 0830 and I spent the first 2 hours wiping tears from my eyes and thinking to myself how very happy I am to be here with this group of people and how amazing things that happening all over the world.  AI is being used more and more, and the interesting thing is that it is still developing.  David Cooprider and Frank Barrett asked lots of interesting questions of the group and truly listened to the answers, writing all the while. 

Everything that I have been exploring about community leadership and change is here in some form.  It really is incredible.  Anyway, I worried about making a fool of myself by being weepy all week.  But in fact, I managed to pulled myself together and it is amazing the stuff that we are learning.  We have covered so much ground already I don't even know where to start.   The participants come from all over that world.  My first meeting was with a guy from South Hampton England, who is working with a large consultancy firm that does research, Richard.

Terry gave me a digital recorder and I have been capturing the conversations throughout the day.  It should have enough room to record everything for future reference.

The biggest thing today, besides meeting so many really smart and innovative people is the reminder that organizations moved in the direction that they inquiry.  So this is interesting in the context of the Culture Master Plan update, because the first workshop we do will set the direction for the inquiry with the community so that we really really must get the right topic and questions sorted through.  Such amazing things are going to happen in Red Deer because of this process.

Tonight I am off to Monterey for dinner and then back to do a little more work before bed.  Tomorrow the course starts with choice affirmative topics. 

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