Autumn, day 5. Prioritizing joy.

Slept well last night apart from the cold.  It’s the third night without a drink during the day before, and that always makes for a great night’s sleep.  Coconut water, you are a friend of mine.

Strange thing that I noticed when I was planning this morning.  All the tasks that I had on my lists for the past few days, that contained joy were the ones that skipped over in favour of the other tasks.  Interesting observation.  So today I purposely prioritised joy in the tasks.  This made a difference and I found myself doing a little more self-care.  I didn’t get some of the urgent items done but I’m feeling a bit more satisfied with the day.  Could also be the cold pills.

The cold is progressing and I hope to have energy tomorrow to tackle the day and accomplish some urgent things and also some things that bring joy.

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