Autumn, day 2. Shifting routines.

We just landed in Vancouver after an all-night flight from Maui.  I’m awake and excited about returning home and getting to work on so many projects, including my own self care and improvement.

Tomorrow will be my first full day back at work and it’s going to be a good one. To set myself up better I’m going to skip the drinks today, enjoy a healthy salad for dinner and get to bed relatively early.   No time like the present to drop the extra pounds that I managed quite rapidly to accumulate during the past couple of trips, and the patch of blue that I’ve been battling.

I’ve been pondering the questions that I posed yesterday and realise how easy it is for me to trade something in the moment for something in the future: such as having a drink with a friend but then not sleeping well and having a less productive day following.  So… there will be drinkable things around for me to enjoy with friends that won’t cause issues later.  Coconut water is my new best friend.  Of course moderation in all things.  I think this may be a key factor in managing the tremendous activity of the next 90 days.

The other thing that I am going to try is to establish is a morning routine that excludes cell phones, and internet, until I’m through the shower, have a coffee, and make my list of five tasks for the day.  It’s so easy for me to roll over in the morning, pick up the smartphone and get ‘caught up’ with the world, only to find that an hour or two of the day has slipped away, and that my perspective is altered by what I’ve encountered.  This tool that connects us has an awesome power to muddle thinking and derail plans.  Oh, look, a squirrel!

I long for the days before we had cell phones, social media, and everything at our finger tips.  I haven’t quite worked out when I’m going to write daily.

These two changes in lifestyle may make a world of difference.

One other thing that I am going to attempt to pay attention to, is when I feel anxiety over an important communication task.  When I experience this anxiety, I’m going to prioritise that communication task and move it up on the list.

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