Autumn – day 3. Progress, slow but progress still the same.

My strategy did, in fact, work to get me off to a good start today, Some of the things that were causing me anxiety made my top five list and were tackled head-on.   It definitely helped to get to bed early, and to do my morning routines and planning before I turned on my phone or the news.  It felt so much more focused and I think that was partially because I was able to think clearly about the day before listening to the news or engaging with social media.  After all, the purpose of sleep is to clear your mind and heal your body.  What better time to plan than after a shower washes away the sleep and the mind is focused.

Sadly however, I woke with a head cold. My friend Alan calls colds boring.  I’ve never been sure why – perhaps it’s an accurate description.  I felt it coming yesterday and thought just maybe it would go away with a good night’s sleep. Ha!  Wishful thinking. That slowed me down quite a bit and made it hard for me to carry on a smart conversation,  but since we had planned a work bee at Tribe tonight I just carried on.  We achieved some things which will set up us for the next steps but we sure didn’t get as much done as usual.  Chris was also sick, Syfronia was out of action too. We were all moving a little slowly in general. We stuck to the plan and worked until 8 p.m. and then ate together.  I truly love my friends.  We mainly worked on the floors today. That was hard work but it was good work.  The old glue is a pain to remove but the floors underneath are beautiful.

It’s late here now, and I’ll go to bed soon with the hope that my body can go to work and defend against this cold getting any worse.  The strategy for tomorrow will be the same as today. Booze free evening, rest, prepare for the day, plan, and then engage with the world. As I think about this now, this does sound like self care, doesn’t it?

Tomorrow it will be clear what I need to do next to make progress.  I’m sure there will be five things just nipping at my heels to be attended to.  Meanwhile, it’s a beautiful full moon tonight to be enjoyed perhaps with a lovely cup of tea.

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