Autumn, day 1. Some curious questions.

Today, I travel back to Canada leaving the island of Maui for the rest of the season.  I’ll return near the first day of winter. I admit that I’m excited to get back to work and to tackle the challenges I’m facing right now, as well as to make some strides toward personal aspirations.

Today will mostly be about packing, cleaning, making lists for the upcoming weeks, and considering moderation in my planning.  I really want to be able to tackle the most difficult items, with realistic expectations of myself.

This morning i’ve been thinking about what blocks me from achieving the tasks that need to be done.  Asking questions like:

  • what is keeping me from communicating?
  • where is my time being spent that draws me away from the tasks that I need to do?
  • what else is getting in the way?
  • are there external factors that I can change?
  • can I be more conscious about my routines, that help set the day up for success?

I wonder how best to make these plans so that I will do better at carrying them out.  I think back to a time when I did set and achieve five things each day. Perhaps there is some wisdom in that approach.

As always, I share my journey with the hope that you will find something useful to improve your life, or at the very least to enjoy. Comments are always welcomed.

2 Replies to “Autumn, day 1. Some curious questions.”

  1. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for sharing your questions..ones that I am going to use for myself as well. I will ponder these questions as I move forward in my journey.

  2. Patricia. I’m glad that you found these questions useful. Thanks for engaging with me and my blog. I’m curious to see where this goes as I’m embark on this next chapter. Keep in touch. Paul.

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