Autumn, day 11. Snap or is it shift.

I woke this morning and there was sunshine, that’s always welcomed. Terry had the coffee machine set and ready for me.  I went to the gym and worked at a reasonable pace.  Roman gently held open a space for me to talk in between exercises, that let me get in touch with my anger, disappointment, and confusion — a caged feeling.  After that, I spent most of the day working quietly at my desk.  My anxiety if I can really name it that, was not far away and so I had to just do one thing at a time and keep going.  Lots of deep breathing and some small breaks to escape.

One of my business partners came by in the afternoon and we worked through a bunch of things that needed attention quite quickly and did some errands together.  It’s so lovely to have a friend and a colleague nearby to confide in and do things with.  The best thing about Tribe so far is becoming friends with Chris, and the group of fabulous people we get to work with. Life is so much richer with all of them.

Yesterday and throughout my sleep my perspective shifted, I settled into resolve for a future path, which will mean a dramatic change in my lifestyle, and workload.  I’ve often said that ‘the only wrong decision, is making no decision at all‘.  Strange it is that I’ve come to this point, having a strong sense of the source of my anxiety and blues and yet fearful to make a decision to resolve it.  Terry and I are both on the same page regarding the changes.  And so today I got the ball rolling.

I hope that it will be the right decision for us… but since it’s not no decision, it can’t be the wrong decision.  Right?

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  1. Hi Paul,
    Did you ever try yoga and feel the transformation that lasts longer than the yoga session? It’s what I use to keep me grounded and clean out anger, bad thoughts and laziness.

    Thinking of you.

  2. I have and I need to again Susan. I’d probably be better in a day time class. In the evening I just want to be home and collapse. Thanks for thinking of me. I hope all is well in your world. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.

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