Time to run for council.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written and it has been a busy time. I wrote last about the City’s plan to build Cenotaph Plaza at the end of our street. Each day that the weather warms, the snow melts away, and the construction zone where the plaza will be slowly is being cleaned up. It’s a matter of weeks before crews will begin the transformation of the street. It’s a very exciting time for us.

We’ve completed most of the major changes to the store and begin to prep for the Spring and Summer seasons. It feels great. The Sunworkers are doing a great job and the proof is evident when you come into the store.

As I contemplate the upcoming seasons, I feel relatively confident that the store will continue to improve and finally beat this recession. Shoppers are slowly returning and there seems evidence of a turn around. Still I’m surprised daily by the number of people that come into the store that say they’ve never been in. We started in 1997 and still people are discovering us. We’ve never had such a strong team of people as we do right now. It’s fun every day to be there and play.

Much has changed for me since 1997. After eight years on the board of directors of the Red Deer and District Community Foundation, I’ve only a few months left. During my time there I’ve learned important things but I’ve also grown in my professional life as I’ve grappled with the complexity that exists in the relationship between business and community work. I’ve learned much about community change, and about facilitating creativity and collaboration among diverse groups of people. I’ve faced some of my greatest inner fears and I’ve grown tremendously as a person, particularly in the past two years. Which brings me to what I’m thinking about for the stage of my life.

I had lunch with my colleague Cindy several days ago and she encouraged me to think about running for City Council. I had been thinking about it yet this conversation stirred serious thought. I’ve since spoken to my most trusted friends about it and everyone is in favour and supportive. It is time for me to run, to be elected, and to work from the inside (if there is such a thing). I have a different perspective, one that is reflective of many others in this community. I believe that I can help this community achieve its vision for itself in a way that will help it rise to meet the rapidly evolving world. Changes are quick in their coming and we must adapt quickly to both the challenges and opportunities.

Over the next five months there is a lot to be done to prepare. I want to hear from you to help me craft the right platform and clarify the things that are important. I’ll need your support. Please feel free to call or write, or comment here.

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  1. Having worked up close and personal with you for over a year now, I see first hand how well you make decisions, how committed you are to your community , and what a good person/citizen you are. I along with many others think this is the right move for you & most especially for the Red Deer ,
    that we all love so dearly. Brilliant, you got my vote!

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