thinking about new home space

I’m about to start another work week.  We moved the clocks an hour ahead so we have lost one hour of sunlight in the morning.  It’s still bright enough when I wake up though, so it will just seem like more daylight this afternoon.  I’ll enjoy that.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the renovations of the house.  For those of you who don’t know me that well, Terry and I live in a small bungalow built in the mid 1950s.  We renovated the kitchen some years ago, added the sunroom that I love so much, and now we are looking to renovate the other end of the house.  We are in great need of a new bathroom and a bit more, and better appointed closet space.  I would also like a work station at home, and so we are going to reconfigure the three rooms into two, and create a large bathroom.  I’m hoping that the new office space will be filled with light, be quiet and yet connected to the rest of the house.  This week Terry and I will meet with our architect again and continue to develop the design.  After nearly 20 years together it is time to get rid of the pink bathtub and the rotting walls, put in a proper size shower, and a wash dryer on the same floor as the closets.  What a novel idea.  It’s all strangely different to how we configured our space 50 years ago with separate rooms, when today we prefer more open space and a more minimalist approach.

I think this relates to the idea of space.  We need space that is not filled with things, that feels open and bright and airy.  White space for us to live in.  I’m of the belief that as we do some of these changes it will change our relationship as well.  Perhaps not during the renovation process, but once things are completed.  It’s important that the house has all of the functions that we both need in order to live our lives.  Terry enjoys cooking, and watching television while he does that.  I enjoy reading in absolute silence.  There is a challenge for us in design.  Meanwhile, we both enjoy entertaining, so an open concept is much more interesting.  Some of the changes that the architect proposes for the kitchen and the living room are brilliant.  It will be exciting to see this happen.  I thought I had enough of renovations with the store last year, but now we are moving it into the house.  I must like pain.

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