The Empathic Civilization.

As you know I read… and I try to apply what I learn to the world around me.  I experiment with my learning and share what I am able.  Currently, I am reading a book called The Empathic Civilization, by Jeremy Rifkin.  I’ve waited to tell you to about it until I was well into it.  I wanted to be sure that my enthusiasm about his ideas was not premature.  Now, I have to tell you that this book and the concepts behind it seem to embody and connect some of the most important thinking for our time.  This book could change how interact with others in this world — instill confidence that your smile and thoughtfulness are important and that they do affect change  —  that our connections with one another are the most important part of our society.  It will also compel you to rethink the direction of humanity.  It questions whether the human race will survive and whether it can can come together to meet the rising challenges we face, but at the same time offers tangible ideas. Will we connect on a deep human level and work together?  Mediocre and slow change will not serve us.  Dramatic collaboration and fearless empathic communication must guide our collective thinking.  This book is not an alarmist siren-call (at least not up to page 201).  It’s a ‘must read’ soon. You need to know.

Here is the link to a page about The Empathic Civilization.  There is a great short video by Jeremy on that page that gives a bit of an overview of his ideas.

I feel so strongly about this book that I’m ordering 50 copies into Sunworks.  Drop me a wee note if you would like one be to set aside for you when they come in: I’m looking forward to a grand discussion with everyone that reads it.  Who knows, we might be able to get the author in Red Deer somehow.  Perhaps RDC would consider inviting him for the Perspective Series.  As always please feel free to drop in and chat — it’s always better in person.

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