Psychological decluttering.

I’m nestled in bed, nice fresh clean sheets… mmmmmm.  It’s laundry day.  I realize that I haven’t written anything for over a week which isn’t like me.  It has been a busy week, marked with completion of so many small things.   Getting into the corners literally and figuratively.  Just ask anyone who’s been around me.  I like all of the psychologically decluttering that is going on.  It’s solidifying my world before I move on again.

This morning I wake this morning feeling a bit grumpy and can remember a dream I was having that wasn’t pleasant.  I was behaving badly, stemming from my frustration with slow progress at Sunworks, and I was scaring the people around me.  I was like Gordon Ramsey.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have watched Hell’s Kitchen before bed.  Nonetheless it reminded me to be kind with others today and to be more aware of my feelings.  Kind and cautious was my theme for the day. Several times I had to remind myself to be patient with my colleagues, with my clients, and with myself.

It’s days like this that perhaps I should spend working quietly at home, for planning, for catching up on phone calls, and paperwork.  Nonetheless I worked at the shop.  As a team we made significant upgrades to the store.  The electrician came around to finish up a bunch of loose ends that we’ve been waiting for for some time.  The lighting in the reading room is finally going in, along with some fans for cooling.  An old light fixture that I’ve hauled around for nearly 15 years is being rewired and will hang smartly above a new seating area that we are having built.  In fact the reading room itself is getting a bit of a facelift this summer. I met with the cabinet makers to discuss the next projects with include some new fixtures in the reading room and hopefully a ladder on a track to reach the tops shelves.

We will soon have the proper lighting in the reading room and this makes me quite quite happy.  It’s been a growing part of the business for the past five years and now is becoming a major part of the store.

Also they will build for us the cabinets so that we can get the oven in the front of the store and finish up the kitchen demo space.   This all marks progress.  The wiring is in on the second floor of the garden room and so we can finally close in the wall which will make it look a lot better.  Where the money will come from I have no idea.  I’m hoping that sales will pick up again soon.  Valentine’s was a bit slower that we anticipated.  Perhaps love wasn’t yet in the air.

It seems that the reason that I haven’t written for the past several days is because I have been sorting out a number of projects.  There is a lot of concluding that is happening.  It feels great to be making this type of progress, even though it often feels invisible to me at the end of each day.  With the help of close friends, I’ve been to overhaul the content of the Swerve Living website and although there is more to do the majority is now there.  I’ve helped several people with their websites and made important decisions around the direction of the store.  Started a few new balls rolling.  This past weekend, I waded deeply into my manuscript and began to clarify and sort out the sections.  This has been incredibly satisfying. Yesterday I even began to tackle a box of things that has been sitting in the corner of my office for nearly 5 years.  Really there is not going to be much left to sort and soon I can feel the growing will start again. I’ve booked some tutourial time to improve my design and website development skills.  I’ve made future plans for growth.  New clients are appearing regularly.

My friend Glynis suggests that personal development takes place in stages.  Expanding and learning, followed by a period of consolidation and becoming comfortable in the newness of the learning.  Then expanding again.  I feel that I’m at end of a consolidation period and that I’m beginning again to press outwards.  It’s time for me to pack up my tent and journey on to new territory.  It’s really exciting.  Want to travel with me?

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