Orange moon rising.

DSCF2246Tonight Terry, my sweetheart of 18 years, took me out to begin my birthday celebration — his idea not mine, but how can I complain about starting a month early.  It was quite a day at work, so much to do and never enough time to do it.  I never seem to have quite enough time to spend with the staff at Sunworks — to tell them how much I enjoy them and their efforts.  I seem so rushed and it’s difficult some days to frame my thoughts and connect with them the way I would like.

Swerve Living is consuming a lot of time time right now.  A number of people come by each day to look at the show room and to learn about the project.  Slowly the condos are selling and that is really important to the project.  As each day passes construction draws nearer.  I look forward to when the first shovel hits the ground, to see the first forms go in, the first cement trucks, the first steel beams, the first windows.  I imagine how the Swerve corner will look and what it will be like to see the transformation of the street. I look forward to the completed project.

Meanwhile the work on the neighbour’s project, Executive Place, is noticeable, the glazing is slowly creeping its way up the side of the building.  The forms for the roof are close to being in place.  It won’t be long before the building will be closed in.  Not long afterward the construction of the Cenotaph Park at the end of the block will begin.  It’s an exciting time on Ross street and in the downtown of Red Deer.  I belief with the few projects now on the go we will reach the tipping point. T he downtown will become known again as vibrant urban oasis, against the stark backdrop of expanded strip malls and pavement offered in the south and north of this City.  The community is desperate for the changes that are happening downtown.

For example, the crossing at Gaetz and 32nd street is such a disaster in our City that friends and I have joked that we are going to apply to the City to open a lemonade stand in the centre of the intersection because it’s so wide that people walking will need to stop, recover, and wait for the next light to make it all the way.  In fact now on the Gaetz Avenue south the lights are so badly timed for pedestrians that most people can’t make it all the way across in one go, they must stand on the median and wait for another signal.

Enough of that for now, but I will no doubt come back to it another day.

At Sunworks we continue with our own enhancement plans.  Renovations on a small office space on the second floor are underway. It will be a wonderful space for a new tenant — one that has yet to appear.  This week, the ceiling has been taken down and a new more environmentally efficient one will be installed.  Electrical for track lighting is in, new heating, and plugs.  Insulation is going in soon and new drywall.  Then we’ll upgrade the flooring to match the rest of the second floor.  Beautiful hardwood.  I’m curious to know who will come to us as a new tenant.  Rent will be about $400/month.

Meanwhile, efforts this week in Sunworks have been focused on the second floor.  We’ve rearranged and installed the fixtures, merchandised new products, and gathered together items for a 50%-90% percent off.  There are many great deals to be had and a lot of new products to see.  One of the most exciting features of the the upstairs is the new music store.  We’re close to signing off on the design for the new cabinetry.  One more review and we should be able to give the cabinet makers the go ahead.  The completion is scheduled for November 1st, and music selections are being made, with the help of one enthusiastic and talented Sunworker named Paeton.  He’s taking requests, so don’t be shy. It will be a wonderful mix of contemporary and classical music with an emphasis on music that helps your soul feel good.  There are a couple of you out there that know a lot about classical music… we need to talk.

We’ve began the finishing of the garden room.  The construction has began on a facade for a new trompe l’oeil which will imitate an old European store front.  I’ve taken so many pictures over the past couple years of building facades in France, England, Spain, and Italy.  I hope that we’ll bring something home to Red Deer and will reflect our travels and inspire our visitors.

The topic at hand was my birthday, but as usual went off down some side path.  Terry took me out to see a movie tonight.  I really wanted to see Julie and Julia.  He remembered and tickets where presented when I woke this morning.  It was a brilliant movie.  I love a love story, especially one with very few Hollywood twists, and I love food.  Meryl Streep brought together both with the role of Julia Child.  Amy Adams played the role of Julie.  It’s a movie truly worth seeing.

As we walk toward the car, the full moon was rising — a giant orange globe scraping along the treetops, slowly rising above them with a certain lunacy.  The movie made me feel good especially as I considered that, like Julie and Julia, I just may accomplish my dreams and bring something nice to the world.  I needed this feeling today.  I already felt good as I left the cinema but the sight of a the beautiful orange moon was a perfect end to the evening.

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  1. A lovely read………thank you. And Paul you have already brought something nice into the world, just by being you. With regard to the first paragraph, I think I can speak on behalf of all Sunworkers (well I am going to, regardless) we are fully aware of your appreciation, you are very good at expressing that, at most every staff meeting.

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