Our friends, Terry and I enjoyed such a fun afternoon and evening. We were all deep in conversation from the time we gathered until we parted that there were no pictures of proof. We spent a lovely two hours in the public pool and hot spa splashing around and enjoying debates about everything. The meal tonight was at Fish and More. We sat at a table on the sidewalk for dinner under a light mist, nearly rain. The food was fairly traditional and so very tasty. The bread was unbelievably good. At the end of the night I recounted how when I’d read a book called Bliss, a few years ago, about a traveller’s search for the happiest countries in the world that I’d decided that I would go to Iceland to experience this happiness with dear friends. And celebrate my 50th birthday — even if that meant a delay. This time here and this day has been magical in so many ways. Time with beautiful friends, laughing and teasing. We never heard an argument in the streets. We never saw fighting or crime. We saw a lot of culture and expression. People were so very pleasant and genuine. There was a lot of respect for one another here. People seemed relaxed and cared about getting along together. At the end of the night I saw a hanging in the restaurant. “Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life.” A fitting ending for a lovely visit to a lovely place. I’m better for being here, and for being here with wonderful friends.

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