Autumn, day 88. Loose ends.

It seems that as we approach the end of this season the time is rushing by more quickly. Terry has left for Maui and I’m here in Red Deer finishing up a bunch of things that need to be done to help with the sale of the building, and the amalgamation of the companies.  

This morning I have a conference call with the university to chat about the next steps in my master’s program. I’m quite excited about that. Then it’s a complete day of accounting and desk work, with the big hairy audacious goal of having the top of the desk visible.  

The Sunworks building is finally listed and we’ve started to show the building. It’s lovely to do the tours with Davin. Not only has he been a joy to work with, but it’s nice to remember every aspect of the building and how we’ve improved it over the years. If it doesn’t sell, then we’ll just have to carry on with managing it and making the next series of upgrades. That’s an exciting prospect for me either way.  

The restructuring of our companies is underway and I’m so much looking forward to less work in the new year as a result. The ladies and gentlemen that have been advising us are fantastic. Some new friendships are developing from the experience and I very much am enjoying that.  

While all of this is happening, I’m still thinking about the letter I’m writing from my future self and considering who and what are the nine more important relationships that I might activate in the winter season. Over the next few days as we approach the solstice these will be the topic of my blog posts. I hope you’ll find my explorations helpful as you too think about the new year ahead.

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