Autumn, day 50. Turning a corner, question mark, question mark.

Gosh it’s hard to believe that it’s been 50 days since I started to focus on blogging and this season’s theme of communicating.  My life is changing for the better folks, I’m not ready to say that I’m out of the anxiety woods but I sure and beginning to feel like my spirit is returning.  It’s a nice feeling to, again, want to connect with friends and also to meet new people.

It’s great to have been to the doctor for a good check up and have the all clear BUT ‘less salt and work on your blood pressure.’  Thanks Kathryn, for just booking me that appointment and being bossy boots about it.  Now, I just need these stitches on my head removed… and get back to the gym, and I should be in good shape for relentless flirting in Maui this winter.

I’m thinking of setting up a home gym since Roman has moved to Calgary.  Although, I may be interested in finding a new trainer. If anyone can make a recommendation I’m interested.  I really like working with someone my size, so… that makes the referral harder.  Or if anyone knows of some rubberize hex dumb bells that someone needs to rehome…. I know just the place.

I sure appreciated the help that a number of you have been giving me in making this shift.  I really want to return to being the positive and optimistic person that I was before I saw the dark side of politics, and battled this economy and the shift the retail market.  So many things collided when I wasn’t paying close enough attention.  Darn it — me, the futurist wasn’t seeing what was happening in my own back yard.  I feel positivity returning, and increasingly when I hear complaints about anything, I have less and less time.  The complaint department remains closed.  

What has been helping is reengaging philosophically and writing. 

This past week was one of the more rewarding ones.  It felt full of accomplishments, with solid healthy openings to the next steps in the weeks to come. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been focused on catching up the accounting and restructuring the businesses.  I made great progress on both of these this week.  My accountant has been coaching, and it’s been so helpful.  I enjoyed being able to get some philosophy on paper this week as well.

What am I expecting this week?

  1. We should have the listing contract signed with Davin in the middle of this week and then the Sunworks building with will up for sale.  I’m both very sad about this and also know that it’s the best thing to do.  It will open up new possibilities for us.  It’s going to be nice to refocus Sunworks by moving into a smaller space with an emphasis on product you can’t buy on the internet, or wouldn’t shop for on the internet.  Items like greeting cards, cookbooks, journals, leather bags, candles, art, jewelry, perhaps even some clothes.  It’s probably time to refresh the branding and identity of the store as well.
  2. More accounting and government reporting.  I’ve got two major projects left.  If I can get through one of these this week that would be fantastic. 
  3. The final week of the sale at Sunworks and a lot of orders and new inventory to arrive next week just in time for the holidays.  I’m thinking that we’ll take one of the rooms in Sunworks and start a bit of an ongoing garage sale.  We have so many fixtures, and props, and things from 20 years in the store that just need to find new homes.  Not to mention some clothes and books and things that need to go as well.   Someone take this bread maker off my hands!  
  4. Write another instalment of the book.  I’m thinking about next writing about our relationship to place and things.  Such a big topic that will need to be focused on the relational aspects.  What place does for and and to us?  Here are the previous two instalments.

Well folks that’s it for Sunday.  Time for a glass of repasado, peanut Thai curry tonight and maybe some comedy.  Tomorrow another day at the desk… and this time I’m looking forward to it.  Mid way in the day I think I’ll try out the circuit gym in town… come on Scott let’s go, let’s go, let’s really go!  At least I’ll be doing something other than sitting on my fat ass all day.

Am I turning a corner?

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