Autumn, day 41. One boring post.

Friday morning I’m wide awake in the middle of the night thinking about all of the changes that hopefully will happen over the next few months. Snow has arrived and yesterday was the first day this season that I started the morning in the dark.

I worked hard Thursday and felt like I got nothing accomplished whatsoever. The same piles were on the desk at the end of the day as at the start of the day.  So what did I do?

  1. I wrote a newsletter to all of the customers of Sunworks and let them know that we would be having a two week clearance sale. Then, Terry and I worked with Kathryn for a bit to hang up the clearance banner and decide on the discounts to apply to everything in the store.
  2. I met a friend for coffee and offered encouragement as they find stability after some very troubling times.
  3. I set up a time to work with the realtor about the sale of the building.  That is moving so slowly. I’d just like it to be done already.
  4. We had our wrap up meeting with our new insurance broker and signed the documents to consolidate the nearly 10 policies that we have. It will save us literally thousands of dollars. Some of the policies were reduced by over half. That felt like it was a piece of work that is finally coming to a close. As I think about it, it may be the highlight of the day. The feeling of having something completed, organised, and back on track.
  5. I chatted with a possible tenant for the book room at the back of Sunworks.
  6. Oh yes, I spent a couple of hours downtown today at the media event for the RCMP. They launched a new downtown initiative with a dedicated downtown unit. I really think that will be help and I’m glad that City Council supported this change. It’s long overdue.
  7. And I guess it was the first of the month, so there was endless banking and accounting that needed to be done. Not very fun tasks to be sure.

That was Thursday in a nutshell. The task list that I wrote at the beginning of the day had only a couple of these things completed. Although the day was full of the stress of unaccomplished and urgent tasks, I handled it rather well I think. I admit that I’m concerned about the darkness and all the changes that will happen during the winter months which are just arriving. Friday, was spent almost in its entirety working on the back log of accounting and paper work, which seems never ending but surely I’m starting to make headway.

And, one last thing today. I really want to write things that are useful and inspiring here and feel like most of the posts fail to inspire. As always though, there is a spot for comments below, and also to subscribe to updates.

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