Autumn, day 37. Hoping for a future sighting.

I’ve left town for a couple of days to see a friend quit in Winnipeg after 20 years on their City Council.  I can only imagine the questions that they have about the future.  I was only on Red Deer City Council for seven years and still the chaos that I’m dealling with is incredible.  As I said, I had no idea the amount of life that had been put on hold.  Let me also say that the experience was worth it.  I met some of the most lovely and beautiful friends that life has to offer.  I also came face to face with the darkness of society, and our different ways of being in the world.

I’m glad to be here in Winnipeg to celebrate a change, life after politics, but also because it gives me a chance to sit and reflect on my own future.  

While I’m here I’m hoping to experience a ‘future sighting.’  This is a glimpse of oneself in the future, doing and being.  Almost like a guide that beckons you to come hither and enjoy. 

Here’s the draft of the question that I’m playing with:

Here’s the draft of the first question that I’m going to work with.

Dear past self,

It’s February 2020, and I wake up today, look around with awe on all that has changed since Autumn of 2018 when I made those brave decisions to make positive changes in my life which would take me toward the future I enjoy now.

Let me tell you about my life now after all that the end of a wild decade, and the truly creative and forward looking effort that brought me to this new place.  In this letter I’ll tell you where I live, what it’s like here, who’s around me, what new interests that I’ve discovered, how my soul feels and what it means to be me in the world now.

I’ll share how I made sense of the journey that brought me to this place where change was needed and became possible…

With love and admiration for the work you are doing and are about to embark on.  

— Future self.

In my meditations and wanderings this week, and as I explore future possibilities,  I hope that this future self will call to me and help guide me past my fears toward better times.

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