Autumn, day 32. Growing clarity.

It’s hump day and I’m up early.  I lay in bed at 5 a.m. this morning thinking about the day and how difficult it is to overcome habits (or maybe addictions in this case).  I really wanted to flip on the news, check my iPhone, etc.   You’ll perhaps recall a post at the beginning of this season where I am attempting to shut my phone off at night, then in the morning, do my planning and morning tasks before checking the news, or email, or bank accounts etc.  It’s hard to change this.  As, I’ve said before, once I engage with the world outside then it’s really difficult for me to have clarity on what needs to be done during the day, and to prioritize the right things.  My dreams were forward looking last night, no scary monsters.  When I woke this morning I had that feeling of being able to accomplish the day well.

I stuck to my guns this morning, left the phone and news off, did my planning and prioritization.  Three pages of tasks today.  Yikes.  I’m going to have to be very efficient and organized… and also know that I probably won’t get through everything.   I’m feeling good today.  My anxiety levels are lower than they were a week ago, and I feel like I’m making progress toward the goals Terry and I have set to divest and start a new chapter in our lives together.

Yesterday a friend shared news that they had that takes them toward their goals, perhaps in a dramatic way.  The conversation we had strengthened my own resolve to carry on the path we’ve chosen.  I feel inspired.

Yesterday I also met with the, soon to be, realtor and the leasing agent for the Sunworks building.  Soon the building will be on the market.  He offered great advice and helped me find clarity in our decision.  It’s looking more and more like we will move Sunworks into the Metropolitan Block after the holiday season.  Our agent suggested that renting out the Sunworks space to a new tenant may be very attractive to some Red Deer businesses, particularly those who want to be owner operator. Sunworks itself is on the brink of recovering from the past two years of economic downturn.  Things are looking up but we sure do need the holiday sales to hit the mark.  We need to be in the black this year.  The red ink is tiresome.

And so the day begins.  Clapping and cheering are always welcomed.  

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