Appreciation for life.

As I read my text on Appreciative Inquiry today and prepare for the summit in Carmel, it occurs to me to reframe some of the questions that I have been thinking about the store in a different way, in the right way.  So from now on I am going to focus on the reasons we do so well at Sunworks.  How come we are so happy working together.  Why it is pure delight to see everyone each morning.  Why do they treat me so well.  Why is it that provokes such loyalty for our customers and for ourselves to one another.  These questions are so simple to ask and the answers will be so empowering for me to discover.

As I ask these questions I can't help but think about the truly wonderful group of people that surround me every day, from my colleagues at Sunworks, to the people that I work with at our Community Foundation here in Red Deer and those from across the country, to my very close friends, to my own wonderful partner Terry, to my dear friend and soulmate Alan in London.  I also mustn't forget the three littlest people Lupin, Montana, and Draba.  Really it is amazing.  How lucky am I?  Sigh.

This afternoon, I walked over to see how another friend Alan doing living in the old building.  I delivered some mail, got his new phone numbers.  I had to let myself in. It was midafternoon when I arrived.  He was watching TV the blinds were closed.  I talked to him about the importance of making some connections with people, of getting out in the sunshine.  Becoming more active.  I worry about him.  He needs to get moving on his life again.  I really don't know what to do to help him discover what it means to be alive.

It is strange to feel so lucky and at the same time have a person in my life whom I care about who just doesn't see what life has to offer.  Maybe he does, but just can't do anything to help himself any more.  Once you stop helping yourself, can you start again?

So, I appreciate my life and the great gift that it is. It becomes more valuable each day.

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