An entrance into a space.

5:00 a.m. Good morning a wee bit too early given the last night and the wine. Packing. Sky Train at 5:45 to Vancouver Airport. 7:40 flight to Denver – yes, that’s the wrong direction. I have a two hours wait and discover near the end of it that I could have met one of my cohorts in MSc in Relational Leading – Amanda. (Next time I’ll let you know when I’m coming through.) 2:30 to LA. 6:00 to Kahului.   All day I ponder, how will I get this blog started? Where is the entrance into a good space that will be fun for the reader and helpful for me to record my thinking over the next several days?

For many years I’ve invited people to consider that the entrance into anything is always right where you are. All you need to know is the first step… and you always know what that is. And so I sit down and begin to write.

I hope that you’ll engage with me, whether that just be private thought or whether you choose to enter into a conversation. I invite you to post your thinking, make comments, ask clarify questions.

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