Day 13, getting ready for the big move.

Thanks to Fletcher’s Printing, the presses are fired up creating 100 numbered badges we can write names on. I put my mom’s name on this example, because after all she is number 1. 17 people have signed up to help on Saturday morning so we have room for more help. Sign up here. More people, fewer steps, more fun. Bring a friend.

If you aren’t sure yet, don’t feel you need to sign up in advance, there will be lots of room for help, and the chilli pot is bottomless. Show up, to help or just for chilli.

Day 10. Successful opening.

It was a great opening last night for Jeri Lynn Ing. We probably had about 30-40 people visit and I’m sure that of those some will be back to have a closer look at the art. We were hanging labels when the first people arrived.

Bradley Abel sang for us last night. It was a wonderful evening all around.

As of today we have seven days before the big move. And the clearance sale starts today at the old store with most things 50 percent off. The kitchen ware is not coming with us to the new store.

Here are a few shots from last night.

Paul Harris and Jeri Lynn Ing standing in front of Mercury.
Bradley Abel singing for the assembled crowd.
Jeri Lynn sitting in front of Susan Woolgar’s and Judy Sutter’s collections. Beautiful work.
Jeri Lynn Ing
Take me away to a better place, 2015
acrylic on canvas
Susan Woolgar
acrylic on canvas 36″ x 36″

Day 9, Jeri Lynn Ing’s opening reception

I’m up early this morning to get organized for the opening reception tonight between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and to shop for restaurant (Tribe). Off to the gym in between.

Susan Woolgar and Judy Sutter delivered most of their pieces yesterday. I’ve got labels and hanging still to do.

The shop is coming along nicely. We had our first sale yesterday, albeit small at least it is a start. I’m hoping that the change in direction will prove successful.

Better lighting has made all the difference. Warm white is better. Still I see I’ll need to make more adjustments and install new directional tracks for the art in the future.
Judy Sutter’s work is up.

Day 8, let there be light.

No major changes to show you yesterday morning, but this morning you can see that we made great progress on the installation of the cabinets. The rest of the card wall in the window is done now, just painting. But that will be next week. Last night as I stood in the shop at 6 p.m. and looked around I noticed how terrible the lighting was for art in the evening. I took down on of the ceiling fixtures to discover that the electrician had put low lumen directional spots in the fixtures. First thing this morning I went hit Lowe’s and have new lighting to install.

Today I will change all of the lighting and hang the remainder of the art that should be delivered this afternoon. My friend Chance will continue on the cabinets and I think by the end of the day we’ll have most of that done. I’ll be very glad to be able to merchandise on these shelves. We’ll be ready for the great move March 9th.

I think this calls for a library ladder. All in due course.

Day 6. Minus 34 defy or hide?

I couldn’t believe that it got colder than yesterday, so it was a choice this morning. Defy the weather or hide for the day. I got down to the shop around 7:30 this morning excited to see the progress on the cabinets last night.

February 26, 2019
Cabinets are being installed and will go right to the ceiling.
The beginning of Susan Woolgar’s show

Day 5, a big week ahead.

Today I’ll move a few more pieces from the old store and set up the main room. Susan Woolgar will be dropping off a big piece this afternoon for the show and I’m really excited to see it. Jeri Lynn Ing’s show is hung now and it looks fantastic. We’ll be hosting a meet the artist event on Friday evening for Jeri Lynn. Please put this in your calendar.

Jeri Lynn Ing
Acrylic on canvas

Day 4, Sunday February 24rd.

One week before we host the first art opening. Today I have more art to hang and continue bringing things over from the main store. Hopefully we begin to reassemble the shelving.

Dawn Candy’s Art arrives… and the window decals.
My greeting cards get a new home.

Day 3, the set up continues.

Today I’m expecting the delivery of the reminder of the Jeri Lynn Ing’s paintings, and Dawn Candy’s pottery. As well our friend Chance begins to make sense of all of the cabinets in the back of the store. And it looks like a mop would be really useful today.

February 23, 2019
Jeri Lynn Ing’s show begins to be hung. Looking exciting, these pieces are stunning.

Day 2.

February 22, 2019

I start the day with most all of the cabinets move into the back, ready to be reinstalled. Jeri Lynn Ing will deliver her paintings today and I’ll begin hanging the show. Our window decals should come today as well. I will need to make the office space more functional today. It’s going to be a good day. Soon I’ll have a shop in full operation.

Day 2., February 22, 2019
Ready for installations, It’s going to look so sophisticated and warm in the back of the shop.
Lots of light in the new space. The art that we’ll hang this weekend will like this room.

My first day at the new space.

It’s February 21, 2019 and my first day of work at the new space. Each day for the next few months I’m will take a picture when I come through the door and post it, so that you can enjoy the transformation of this space. Today will be focused on getting it in some order so that I can work and prepare for the first art show which I’ll hang this weekend.

Our new store front at 4913 Gaetz Avenue, Red Deer.
February 21, 2019