Attractor – the elastic space.

The conference started at a reasonable hour. A practice that felt good and allowed time for thinking and moving into a good space for the day.

I found it most interesting to consider the cultural and individual context that each participant brought to the gathering. What any word’s meaning exists for me can be […]

Attractor – Summer Institute

July 2, 2011. 

I’m flying to Gatwick this afternoon and will arrive early tomorrow morning. The time change is seven hours. I’ll spend the day with Alan, a close friend and fellow philiosopher.  Around 5 p.m.  in the afternoon I’ll catch a flight for Copenhagen.  The Taos Institute is hosting a summer series on systems […]

On the beach

On Christmas vacation, we sit on a Hawaiian beach and watch the waves roll in and slip away.  Trotting down the beach comes a big fat dog — it is happy.  It stops right in front of us, digs a hole, and leaves a little present in the sand.  We look around for the owner […]

Surrounded by goodness.

It is a most interesting day.  I’m inspired by people and their capacity for trust, connection, empathy, joy and kindness.   First thing this morning I get up and go to the gym.  It’s leg day and I really would rather sleep just a little longer. I stay in bed as long as possible then hasten […]

The Empathic Civilization.

As you know I read… and I try to apply what I learn to the world around me.  I experiment with my learning and share what I am able.  Currently, I am reading a book called The Empathic Civilization, by Jeremy Rifkin.  I’ve waited to tell you to about it until I was well into […]

Showing not telling.

When I was in high school I had a teacher named Sheena who was an incredible influence on me. Many of us are blessed with great teachers, they are a real gift to us. We probably don’t think to look them up later and then tell them how important they have been to us. I’m […]

Sunworks March 2010 Newsletter

This newsletter is devoted to news and events.  First we have three cultural events to tell you about.   Here they are in date order.

Fertile Choices – March 25, 2010 to March 27, 2010

My friend and colleague, Glynis Wilson-Boultbee has written and directed a new play called Fertile Choices.  I know her and her […]

Time to run for council.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written and it has been a busy time. I wrote last about the City’s plan to build Cenotaph Plaza at the end of our street. Each day that the weather warms, the snow melts away, and the construction zone where the plaza will be slowly is being […]

Creating Cenotaph Plaza

Creating Cenotaph Plaza will transform the sunny side of Ross Street on the block that is home to Sunworks.  Two years ago the community was invited to imagine together what the downtown could be and suggest possible projects and initiatives that would create community and be perhaps transformational.  So many great ideas were heard from […]

A few joyous things.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting quietly at home thinking about all of has happened last week.  This week, on the how-alive-was-I scale I give myself a solid 95/100.  On the how-much-joy scale I give myself a 70/100.  There were some amazing and interesting things that happened.  That’s a very linear way to look at […]