Being me.

At this moment, life is perfect. White sheets, belly full with good Iranian food, laughter, plotting, possibilities. Siamese purring, Montana my buddy. Beside, lover breathing quietly, drifting away into the night. Me reading. A small book of philosophy, inspiration, complexity, words with fluid meaning. Worlds being constructed and reconstructed. Poststructuralism, a very short introduction. Nodding […]


In a darkened room waiting quietly, For the show to begin. An audience of one, still with anticipation I sit. Opened wide, the windows. Damp cool air flooding in around my feet. My skin tightens. Sweet reprieve from the heat of my office. Accounting. Paper. Progress. The network says eleven it begins. Wild wind at […]

Sparkling crazy.

Shopping for new cushions to replace faded ones, Used only by stray cats that make our zen garden their home. Snoozing comfortably but always alert, On the sky blue adirondack chairs, That call to us too, To be still and relax, To purr in the warm summer sunshine. We rush past from work to work, […]


It’s dark and I’m alone on the beach in a place that I often come to think. My dreams had been full of troubling relationship issues, replaying past hurts, mistakes, and attempts at repair. Even in the quiet dawn, it’s immensely difficult to quiet the my mind, particularly those voices that, in hindsight, can see […]

Settling in.

Maui is a beautiful place, some say magical. I may be one of them. There’s a four hour time difference from Red Deer, Alberta to our place here – which we affectionately call Chip and Max’s Tiki Resort (

We bought this small flat a couple of years ago are slowly renovating. We’ve paid […]

An entrance into a space.

5:00 a.m. Good morning a wee bit too early given the last night and the wine. Packing. Sky Train at 5:45 to Vancouver Airport. 7:40 flight to Denver – yes, that’s the wrong direction. I have a two hours wait and discover near the end of it that I could have met one of my […]

Setting out.

I set out early in the morning for Vancouver. It’s the first day of my 10 day writing retreat. I’ve recently been accepted into a Masters Program in Relational Leading with the Taos Institute and Middlesex University in London. While I’m away I’ll work on the current two modules, continue writing in my book, build […]

Energy of change.

As I prepare for my vacation I find myself being unusually productive 16-18 hours a day, split between my work at Sunworks, The Coconut Room, The Metropolitan Block renovation, City Council, and a number of small projects in our building downtown.  Not to mention catching up our accounting for year end.  Last year’s efforts to be reelected put […]

The space in between.